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Welcome to the FlightGear scenery website!

This website is used to share common tools and data for all FlightGear scenery related items. It also features webforms to help gathering 3D models and objects positions all around the world. You can here contribute to FlightGear scenery by adding objects in your favorite place. Please don't hesitate, your help is welcomed!

We currently have ? models at ? individual positions from ? authors in our database.

Recently updated objects
Château de Beauregard (Loir-et-Cher)
2023-01-27 (18:15)
Generic 45m antenna with red-light on top
2023-01-22 (04:38)
(2928) Pylône [non balisé] 531ft
2023-01-22 (04:38)
Cell Monopole 2 75m
2023-01-22 (04:38)
(2942) Pylône [jour et nuit] 413ft
2023-01-22 (04:38)
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Recently updated models
Château de Beauregard (Loir-et-Cher)
2023-01-27 (18:15)
2023-01-20 (15:58)
EHRD tower
2023-01-17 (08:32)
2023-01-12 (09:32)
Observatoire astronomique de Tauxigny
2023-01-10 (11:09)
More recently updated models

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